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Audio Software Downloads

Audio Editors, Recorders and Composers

Total Recorder

Total Recorder enables the user to record different digital and analog sounds. Record sound from programs such as RealPlayer, WinAmp, and from CDs.

Cool Edit

Record, edit, and mix more than 20 DSP effects, in approximately 20 file formats, including MP3.


SuperSonic includes mixer, CD player, midi player, MOD player, Wave player/editor, and more.

Wave Flow

With over 60 functions and editing options like noise gate, sound effects, reverb, echo, noise enhancement, digital filtering, WAVE FLOW also acts as a CD player.

CDDBs (Compact Disk Data Base)

CDDBs (Compact Disk Data Base) are programs which use the on-line databases of music CDs that are located on the internet. Usually they have a built in CD player and you can also download music, lyrics, etc.


Axialis CDPlayer is a CDDB compatible CD player with an LCD-like display. A built-in utility permits you to organize all your discs in a local database.


With DiscPlay you can put CD player control buttons in the system tray. Automatically displays the album, artist and title of a CD by pulling the info from a web server.

MP3 Players and Utilities


The most commonly used and possibly the top MP3 player on the internet. It is free to download.


One of the best MP3 players with options such as tempo increase and decrease, equalizer and balance adjustment.

MP3 Spy

Stream MP3 files on the Internet. Broadcast your own music or listen to other peoples music. MP3Spy finds streaming MP3 servers for you enjoyment. Chat and send files to other people who are tuned into the same stations as you.

Miscellaneous Audio Software


Audiograbber is a cd ripper that 'grabs' digital audio from CDs. It copies the audio digitally - not through the soundcard - which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. It can even perform a test to see that the copies really are perfect. Audiograbber can also automatically normalize the music, delete silence from the start and/or end of tracks, and send them to L3enc or Fraunhofer acm codec for automatic creation of MP3's. This is also the only CD-Ripper that can grab audio through both ASPI and MSCDEX calls.

Real Player

Real Player is an audio streaming application that allows you to tune into many radio stations. It is a very good program however, the company seems bent on monetizing customers and it shows. The way the site tries to lead you into the pay version even after you pick the free version is a bit annoying. Also, the constant updating of the program makes your pay version obsolete pretty quickly. Further to this, they have recently been accused of having their software send information from the users computer.


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